Mar 24, 2008

Video - Ironman Malaysia Triathlon 2008

Video - Ironman Malaysia Triathlon 2008 :-

Anticipation was mounting for first timers and others alike as they were prepared even before the sunrise at the river bank near Dataran Lang. Differed by age, 700 participants from 38 countries were afloat at the first signal at 7.30am, getting ready for their first round of the triathlon -- swimming 3.8km. The race officially started at 7.45am.

Mathieu Ohalloran, 22, from Canada was leading in the swim, which gave him the upper hand to bike. Following behind him in less than an hour was Faris Al Sultan, 30, from Germany. In the women's category Hillary Biscay, 29, from USA was in the lead and this is her first time here to compete in Langkawi. Second place in the swimming competition was Elmar Schuberth from Austria.

However the final result, exclaimed by the energetic emcee, Whit Raymond was different. Faris Al Sultan is now officially the champ and Ironman of Langkawi Ironman Triathlon 2008. He was amazingly an hour and 50 minutes ahead of the initial targeted time. He reached at 8 hours 34 minutes and 41 seconds.

The Ironman in the women's category for this year also differed despite Hillary's lead. Australia born 37 year old Belinda Granger stole the title as she crossed the finish line at 9 hours 29 minutes and 20 seconds with a big grin. She has won many triathlons, among them are at Quelle Wanaka New Zealand and Ironman Singapore.

"I'm very thrilled that I won as I was not in the lead from the beginning," said Belinda during a short 'interrogation' by Whit.

Faris on the other hand said he won because he is a pro. He is indeed a professional triathlete and the winner of the recent Ironman Triathlon in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

His win today allows him to compete in Kona, Hawaii.

As the crowd keep pouring in at Dataran Lang to view this spectacular event, the organisers, contestants and others alike are eagerly waiting for all of the other contestants to complete their race. The race is expected to end after midnight. It will be all massages and good rest for those who have already made it to the finish line.

This adrenalin pumping event is proudly brought to you by LIEM, the organisers and supported by Kedah State Government.

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