Mar 21, 2008

Malaysia Water Festival 2008 Set To Create Waves This Coming April

KUALA LUMPUR, 18 March 2008 – With the tourism industry fast growing into one of Malaysia’s largest earners for the economy, the Ministry of Tourism has envisioned highlighting Malaysia’s best resources into an attraction to be shared within the domestic and international markets.

The Malaysia Water Festival is one of these visions displaying and harnessing a love for your natural surroundings, in this case the water element and a promotion of unity in the community through the use of nature.

The Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia, is set to greet another edition of the Malaysia Water Festival this year at two of Malaysia’s famed sea front destinations -- Langkawi and Labuan.

The Langkawi chapter of the Malaysia Water Festival will commence on 3 April 2008 and come to a close three days later on 5 April 2008, at Pantai Chenang in Langkawi. Registration for the activities on a daily basis is at 9:00 a.m. with the first set of activities starting at 10:00 a.m., and ending with the last activity at 7:00 p.m.
A total of 155 beach and sea activities will be played in Langkawi over this span of three days, with an aim of setting a record in the Malaysia Book of Records this year.

Main activities in Langkawi will include Scarecrow, Wet & Wild, Holidays On Ice, Creative Family Picnic, Beach Sumo, Remote Controlled Power Boat Demonstration, Beach Rugby, Beach Football, Beach Netball, Island to Island Kayak Race, Swimming Competition, Kayak Capsizing Competition, Sand Castle Competition, Jet Ski Sprint Race, Whaler Race, Wakeboarding among many others.

Prizes to be won over the Langkawi chapter of the Malaysia Water Festival amount to over RM150,000, with an expected crowd of over 50,000 people. There will also be pocket shows, such as aerobics, performances from local artistes, karaoke contest, dancing and other activities held concurrently with the beach and sea activities.

As the stars come out to play, the night skies of Pantai Chenang will be filled with music and festivities over the three nights with performances by renowned local artistes. Each night will be themed differently, with the performances and performers in tune with the theme.

The second and more challenging half of the Malaysia Water Festival comes in the form of the Labuan International Sea Challenge. Taking place from 19 April, 2008 to 27 April, 2008, the activities will be focused around the Labuan International Sea Complex in Labuan.

There are 6 main sea activities that form the Labuan International Sea Challenge, amongst other beach-side activities, which are the Labuan Boat Tug Of War, Labuan-Brunei International Extreme Kayak Challenge, Labuan International Game Fishing Tournament (IGFA Regulated), Round Island Kayak Challenge, Labuan International Boat Race and the Labuan Cross Channel Swimming Challenge.

These activities have previously garnered and will continue to garner not only local, but also regional and international participation due to its challenging nature. The expected crowd turnout in Labuan is over 100,000 people.

To date, there are approximately 30 teams and over 200 individuals who have registered to participate with the international participation hailing from as far as the United Kingdom, United States of America, Hungary, Australia, New Zealand, China to Malaysia’s neighbours of Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore.

In tandem with the government’s aim to foster and promote bilateral ties among its neighbours, this year’s edition of the Malaysia Water Festival works closely with participants from the IMTGT region. The week-long challenge has a golden pot of prizes totaling hundreds of thousands of ringgit.

Throughout the on-going activities during the Malaysia Water Festival 2008, booths will be erected in the event venue vicinity with exhibitions and sales of locally made items, food & beverage and mini-demonstrations. This will keep all in attendance thoroughly entertained be it their involvement in the activities or as a spectator.

For more detailed information regarding the programmes of the Malaysia Water Festival and more general information, access the official web portal for the Malaysia Water Festival at

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