Jan 20, 2008

Visit Terengganu Year 2008

Visit Terengganu Year 2008

Visit Terengganu Year 2008

Travel along the Terengganu coast and you will surely be awed by its impressive 244km long stretches of sandy coastline, traditional Malay coastal villages, domestic animals wandering in the fields and picturesque sunrises coming below the horizon. With swaying coconut and casuarinas trees lining the white sandy beaches, amidst the gentle breeze of the calm sea are just picture perfect. Beyond Terengganu’s impressive coastline lie some of the most popular island destinations in Malaysia.

Dotting the seas are spectacular emerald islands of powdery white sands, azure waters, naturally formed coral gardens and spectacular marine lives. Inland lies lush tropical rainforests, dazzling waterfalls, flora and faunas of exotic species and other natural wonders. Arriving by plane, you will pass the tropical rainforests and circle out across the ocean before descending across the foaming surf and beaches to the airport, welcoming you to the beginning of a memorable and magical holiday! The treasures of nature, tradition and heritage awaits to explored!

With so much of nature wonder to explore, so many traditional experiences to enjoy combined with its unique heritage to uncover, with the warm and friendly people everywhere, make sure you spend plenty of time in Terengganu because you’ll never forget your time in this blessed and amazing state.

So many development is being planned by the present government. New 4-lane highway connecting all major towns, the upgraded airport, Crystal Mosque, new international class indoor and outdoor stadiums, the international yacht facilities specially built for the annual Monsoon Cup event and also the world class Endurance Cup horse riding facilities will further enhance the state’s image of a developing and vibrant state.

With 2008 has been declared ‘Visit Terengganu Year’, spectacular events and activities are being planned to give honoured guests the time of their lives.

Terengganu is located along the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. To the north lies the Kelantan state, and to the south, Pahang. Terengganu covers around 12,995 square kilometers and comprises seven districts: Besut, Setiu, Kuala Terengganu, Hulu Terengganu, Marang, Dungun, and Kemaman.

Kuala Terengganu the state capital, is located on the banks of the Terengganu River which flows down from Lake Kenyir to the South China Sea. It features a blend of old and modern buildings and appears to have stood still in time, moving at a slow and relaxed pace. Good accommodation can be found to suit all tastes is this developing yet vibrant town.

Visit Terengganu Year 2008

Terengganu's strategic location facing the South China Sea made it an important trade center in ancient times. Early records indicate that it had trading relations with China. Even the famous Admiral Zheng He actually stopped for freshwater & other supplies in Kuala Terengganu on his way across the globe. Terengganu has also long been an important Malay settlement with descendants coming from the Yunnan district, Indian continent and the Indonesian archipelago. Recent archaeological sites found in Bewah Cave in Kenyir Lake indicate the existence of early settlements as far back as 4,000BC. The discovery of Batu Bersurat (Inscribed Stone) in Kuala Berang marks an important historical and religious significance. The stone was inscribed with the Malay Arabic Jawi language which contains the Islamic decree proving the acceptance of Islamic teachings by King Mandalika dated 1303 AD.

The Terengganu Sultanate originated almost 300 years ago when Tun Zainal Abidin became the first Sultan (Sultan Zainal Abidin I) in 1708. The current ruler is Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, the 16th Sultan, who was proclaimed ruler of the state on May 15, 1998, becoming the youngest ruler in Malaysia. Terengganu became a member of the Federation of Malaya in 1948, and a state of independent Malaya in 1957.

The state has a population of approximately 1 million of which 90% are Malays, followed by the Chinese and Indians and a very small percentage of aborigines.

Terengganu is a sultanate and constitutive state of federal Malaysia. The state is also known by its Arabic honorific, Darul Iman ("Abode of Faith"). The coastal city of Kuala Terengganu, at the mouth of the broad Terengganu River, is both the state and royal capital and is the largest city in Terengganu.

The weekdays run from Sunday and the weekend falls on Friday and Saturday.

Area: 12,955sq. km\1,295,512 hectare (4% of M'sia)
Capital: Kuala Terengganu

Land use: Agricultural (22.6%), forest (43%), Building (6.5%), Industry(0.3%), Other(27.6%)

Visit Terengganu Year 2008

You can look forward to all these and more in Terengganu, an east coast state of Peninsular Malaysia. No wonder then that the world's finest craftsmen such as songket weavers, batik painters, woodcarvers and boat makers can be found in Terengganu, an east coast state of Peninsular Malaysia.

Terengganu has enjoyed considerable development over the past 30 years with its rapid industrialization and growing economic activity after the discovery of these reserves. Before this, farming and fishing were the main economic activities for the state.

Even so, 45% of its land is still covered by lush pristine forests and rivers also home for some very old Malaysia traditional culture whose practices and customs have been handed down the generations. The 225 km of coastline is not only making Terengganu the state with the longest coastline in Peninsular Malaysia but also contributing to the state GNP. As a holiday destination, Terengganu is a neverending journey of discovery with its rich and exotic culture, breathtaking wonders of nature and endless potential for adventure.

Islam is the official religion but all other religions are freely practised.

Vibrant, wild, and uniquely exciting, Terengganu promises to astound you with its extraordinary mix of exotic flora and fauna. Located on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, this treasure trove is home to some of the most spectacular wonders of the natural world, including 130 million-year-old rainforest and the largest man-made lake in Southeast Asia.

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