Jan 24, 2008

Video - Malaysian International Space Adventure ( MISA )

Video - Malaysian International Space Adventure ( MISA

Putrajaya, Dec 15 -- The first ever aerospace exhibition held in the country and the biggest in Asia is to spur interest in the field of science and technology and create higher awareness and publicity on Malaysia , this in effect, help to contribute to tourism and the national economy.

Themed 'Experience Space on Earth', the Malaysia International Space Adventure (MISA) exhibition held in Putrajaya will provide the opportunity to Malaysians and visitors a taste of space exploration.

"You can imagine the positive impact this exhibition has on the local community especially to hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, duty free arcades, shopping malls, airlines, travel agents and not forgetting the media and other industry players," Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said during his speech at the launch last Saturday.

The exhibition will run for three months beginning 15 December 2007 until 16 March next year. There are eight major exhibition pieces specially designed to provide visitors with multi-dimensional and multi-sensory experience.

The major attractions are the Space Shuttle Flight Deck and the Space Station Interactive where visitors can experiment with six module racks that allow them to control and participate in everything from choreographing a spacewalk to a repair of a solar array. Another unique attraction is Malaysia's first ever spectacular 4D theatre which will enhance the overall space journey through MISA.

Tengku Adnan said the event is a perfect educational field trip for schools that perhaps can inspire and motivate young Malaysians to be the next generation of astronauts, aeronautical engineers and scientists.

The Ministry together with Tourism Malaysia's overseas director who are currently in the country will assist with the promotions of MISA to market MISA tour packages in the respective markets.

MISA is jointly organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Best Venue Sdn Bhd and AD Suria Sdn Bhd

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