Dec 2, 2007

Sabah - The Land Beneath The Wind

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Sabah's population is heterogeneous and culturally diverse, with more than 30 different ethnic races and over 80 local dialects spoken. Traditions and customs have long been part of our daily lives. Most of it has survived for eons; others have barely endured, touched by other influences that have led others yet to be forgotten altogether.

Well known as the Land Below The Wind and also Land Of The Sacred Mountain, Sabah is a land of varied landscapes and natural wonders. One will normally ask what kinds of people live in this land of eco-treasures? Often by further understanding our spectrum of cultures, you will find the answer as all types, colours and creeds. All these ethnic groups live together harmoniously while at the same time preserving their own culture, traditions, festivals and customs to make Sabah a multiculturally exotic experience unlike any other that you might have already experienced.

Like the rest of the Southeast Asian archipelago, Sabah has been culturally affected by the powerful external, continental influences from mainland Asia. However the heterogeneous population often dramatically reveals its well-preserved wonderful customs and practices. Though the country modernizes, and certain rituals and special ceremonial occasions are less frequently performed, one can still experience and observe Sabah's rich tapestry of custom in the local population's daily life as well as their special local festivals.

This segment will take you through a virtual experience in getting to know Sabah through the understanding of our traditional musical instruments, costume and ethnic lifestyle. The interactive on-line video streaming featuring Sabah - Malaysian Borneo in general will give you an insight of our unique customs and a special section on the wonderful sounds of Borneo will captivate your heart and soul.

Come to Sabah and let us show you the way to indulge yourself in our most precious custom and shower you with endless affection in our very own unique Sabahan way.

The People of Sabah

With around 32 indigenous groups in Sabah, one can expect to see tribal dresses of various styles. Most of these have retained much of their original design and color.

Many of these traditional costumes are of black material, and one of the reasons for using such a sombre color is that in the past, the people could rely on a few types of vegetables and plants from which to extract dye to color the cloth. If they needed to add color to the black, beads of red, orange, white and green were sewn on.

Traditional costumes also included antique bead necklaces and belts, antique hand-engraved silver jewellery, and belts of old silver dollar coins. Most of these accessories have been handed down from generation to generation. All are very valuable and priceless.

Source : Sabah Tourism Board

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