Dec 16, 2007

Asia's Biggest Space Adventure Exhibition Opens 15 Dec 2007


Malaysia international Space Adventure (MISA), the first NASA exhibit in Asia, closes Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and kicks off Visit Malaysia Year 2008 by giving Malaysians and tourists a taste of the Astronaut's life in Outer Space

Kuala Lumpur, 26 November 2007 (Monday): The Ministry of Tourism and homegrown world-class event specialists AD SURIA are proud to launch Malaysians on a unique experience of Outer Space exploration right here on Malaysia soil with the Malaysia International Space Adventure (MISA) - the latest Visit Malaysia Year (VMY) 2007 showcase event. MISA is the first such presentation by NASA in Asia And will kick off on 15 December 2007 showcase and wrap up on 16 March 2008, thus marking an end to VMY 2007 while being the perfect lead-in event to kick-start VMY 2008.

Yang Berhormat Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, Minister of Tourism, said: " The MISA exhibition is designed to give Malaysia a taste of the Space Exploration experience onboard a NASA space trip earlier this year. In fact, real authentic NASA space exploration exhibits are being shipped in from the U.S and exhibited for the first time in Asia through MISA."

Indeed, with all the excitement of the Angkasawan programme dominating the imagination of the nation in 2007, MISA present Malaysians and tourists a chance to mark the end of Malaysia's Golden Jubilee with a (literally) out-of-world experience. Pn Jamilah Itam, Business Director of AD SURIA, the world-class homegrown events organizing company behind MISA, said: "Far from being one-dimensional stationary exhibits, there are 8 major MISA exhibition pieces designed to provide a multidimensional, multi-sensory experience."

Amongst these majoy MISA "experience" exhibits are the Space Shuttle Flight Deck where visitors can engage in a simulated space mission and discover how a space expedition is organized. Then there is the Space Station Interactive where visitors can experiment with six module racks that allow them to participate in everything from choreographing a spacewalk to repairing a solar array. MISA visitors can also capture the NASA experience through the world's latest and most spectacular 4D display at Malaysia's first ever 4D Theatre that will enhance the overall journey through MISA.

As an addes bonus, AD SURIA will also be bringing in Strange Fruit to help launch the first week of MISA. Strange Fruit is an internationally renowned performance arts troupe from Australia that presents a unique fusion of theatre, dance and circus as their performers perform a hypnotozing dance atop 4-meter high flexible poles of extreme strenght and flexibility that allow the performers to bow and sway in choreographed angles that are seemingly impossible. This will also be the first time Strange Fruit will be performing in Malaysia.

PnJamilah Itam said: "AD SURIA is proudto be the event organizers for MISA as part of our ongoing series of unique events to help Malaysians celebrate Malaysia's 50th year of nationhood and independence as well as helping promote Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and 2008. The first 65 tonnes of exhibits have already left the U.S. bound for Malaysia last week and we are expecting the 4D theatre to atart shipping this weekend. We at AD SURIA are confident that Malaysias and tourists both young and old will enjoy the MISA experience and look forward to opening the doors on 15 December 2007."

About MISA :-

• The theme for MISA is “Experience Space on Earth”

• MISA will be opened for 3 months from 15 December 2007 to 16 March 2008.

• This is the first NASA exhibit in Asia and will cover over 300,000 sq ft of exposition area.

• There will be 87 exhibits from NASA including the Apollo programme, the Gemini programme and exhibits from German Space Museum.

• There will be 8 zone exhibits including Galactic Concourse, History of Space Exploration, Magic Planet, Mars Rover, Space Station Interactive, Space Shuttle Flight Deck, Blast Zone and the first 4D Theatre experience in Malaysia.


Galactic Concourse
• A full immersion projection experience allowing visitors to gaze upon stars, be surrounded by interstellar clouds and walk through faraway galaxies.

History of Space Exploration
• A full educational experience allowing visitors to retrace the history of space exploration including the questions, the curiosity and the technological breakthroughs that introduced new terms like astronauts, rockets and quantum leap.

Magic Planet
• View spectacular digital video globes suspended from the ceiling while the Storyteller explains about the Sun, Moon and other planets through stories.

Mars Rover
• Join NASA’s trailblazing mobile robotic pioneers in exploring the many sides of the Martian landscape.

Space Station Interactive
• A free trial at the only inhabitable facility in space.
• There are 6 module racks available for visitors to control and participate in everything from choreographing a spacewalk to a repair of a solar array.

Space Shuttle Flight Deck
• A full-to-partial replica of the Discovery on which visitors can engage in a simulated space mission and discover how a space expedition is organized.

Blast Zone
• The Space Shuttle Theatre will take visitors through the final seconds before a spacecraft launch.

4D Theatre
• The first ever 4D theatre experience in Malaysia using the world’s latest and most spectacular 4D display.


Monday to Thursday -10am - 11pm (Last Entry at 9PM)

Friday to Sunday -10am - 12pm (Last Entry at 10PM)


Adult -RM 38.00 per person

Children (3-12 year old) - RM 23.00 per person

Address :-

Precinct 5,
Putrajaya(By Putrajaya Lake and near Putrajaya International Convention Centre)

Website : Malaysia International Space Adventure

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