Nov 20, 2007

Malaysia Consumer Rights

What you need to know as a Malaysian Consumer :-

Consumer Rights
A responsible consumer is a consumer who is aware of his/her rights as a consumer, and acts judiciously (wisely) and with full responsibility. The eight key consumer rights are:

The rights to acquire fundamental needs
The consumer has the rights to obtain fundamental goods and services to guarantee a satisfactory life in today’s modern world. These fundamental needs include safe and sufficient food supply, clothes, housing, health facility, education, among others.

The rights to acquire safety rights
The consumer is protected from the processing and marketing of goods as well as services, which can be harmful.

The rights to acquire information
The consumer must be provided with sufficient and precise information to assist him/ her in making the right decision. The consumer is also protected against false advertising, labeling and other fraudulent and manipulative acts.

The rights to make a decision
The consumer reserves the rights to direct information with regards to all goods and services. The consumer must be given due explanation to enable him/ her to make the rights choices and decisions. There must be a guarantee to determine quality and satisfactory services, at a reasonable price.

The rights to voice out
This is to ensure that the interest of the customers is taken into consideration, with regard to any legislation on government policies, as well as prompt and fair responses from the relevant complaints administrators.

The rights to claim for damages
The consumer has the rights for compensation vis-a-vis damaged and harmful products, trading activities that are confusing, as well as manipulative services. Due compensation should be awarded to the consumer for products and services which endanger and harm the consumer, upon following the instructions given by the manufacturer. Compensations should also be given to consumers who are victimized due to their employers’ negligence.

The rights to obtain consumer education
The consumer has the rights to obtain sufficient and continuous consumer education. This is because the education system does not place emphasis to consumer education. The philosophy on consumer education today is more inclined to train the public on how to be an efficient worker or employer, rather than on how to be a good consumer.

The rights to acquire safe and healthy environment
The consumer has the rights to live and work in a clean and healthy environment, free from hazardous and harmful conditions. This rights has been the strongly advocated by consumers as the levels of pollution index have been increasing, and that parts of nature itself has been either in the process of extinction or destroyed.

Source - Ministry Of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs Malaysia

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